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Playname: Dynamo 5 side
Dynamo 5 side

Played as transition/set offense

Start with a side pick and roll between 1 and 5.

3 options
- pass direct to 5
- pass to 2 post up 5
- reverse the ball to 4
On reversal - dribble hand off option.
2 cuts to the other side hand off option with 5 or post play 5 if defense allows it.

At the same time 1 fills the spot of 2.

4 sets a screen for 3 to get free on the top.

Passing options
- back to 1
- 3 on top of the key
- almost never 4 who rolls to the ball after the screen.
Play submitted by: David Dedek
Sub categories: Pick & roll, Hand off, Low post

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